• Image result for eucharist Intellige ut credas,
    Crede ut intelligas

    Understand that you may believe,
    Believe that you may understand


    Cor Christi Academy

    is a Catholic educational cooperative in the Wenatchee Valley following the lead of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy (CLAA). Through the use of technology, families can study from school or home at a very affordable price.  Students are introduced to the timeless truths of the classical liberal arts and given a foundation in right reason.  This foundation provides a rich soil for Divine Truth to spring forth.

    At Cor Christi Academy, everything begins and ends with our Faith and all subjects are integrated together in this Light to yield what Pope John Paul II called "the totality of the human person."  We believe commitment to Catholicism makes the search for truth even more impartial insomuch as it incorporates the moral, spiritual, and religious dimensions.


    The recommended beginning courses are CATECHISM, GRAMMAR, and ARITHMETIC after which students will:

    1. Know the complete Baltimore Catechism and be able to explain the Faith.

    2. Understand the etmology and syntax of the Latin and English languages.

    3. Be able to demonstrate the logic behind algebra and geometry.


    Students will also enjoy a rich Catholic culture including daily Mass, Liturgy of the Hours, Adoration, the Rosary, and Scripture studies.  More than learning the stories behind great literature, they will learn what it takes to write good literature.  They will learn  to piece together history in a way that explains our modern world.  Students regularly give their time to the needs of the community.  Nature will be experienced through outdoor explorations, athletic recreations, and practical works and, of course, we will take time to enjoy the arts!

    Cost by Donation: Suggested $120/month for 10 months or $70/month for families purchasing their own courses.

    REQUIREMENTS: students may start as early as 7 years old provided they have the aptitude to succeed.

    For more information, contact John Haberman at 509-669-5972.

    Email: info@corchristiacademy.com